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3’ XPert Bench Top Hood for Fentanyl Containment

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The XPertฎ System by Labconco provides crime laboratories with a compact, high-performance benchtop hood that maximizes containment when processing hazardous drug samples. Air drawn into the XPert traps drug powders onto an internal HEPA filter, ensuring that all hazards are swept away — and kept away — from forensics personnel.

• Specifically designed to contain hazardous powders
• High capacity HEPA filter is 100% scannable
• Bag-in/Bag-out safe HEPA filter replacement system
• Ductless design for easy installation
• Easily cleanable metal and glass construction
• Powder containment verified by SafeBridge Consultants, Inc. toxicologists Table tops and stands sold separately.

#A-3950201 2’ XPert Bench Top Hood for Fentanyl Containment
      - $5,850.00   
#A-3950301 3’ XPert Bench Top Hood for Fentanyl Containment
      - $6,420.00   
#A-3950401 4’ XPert Bench Top Hood for Fentanyl Containment
      - $6,980.00   
#A-3909900 2’ Epoxy Worksurface
      - $505.00   
#A-3909901 3’ Epoxy Worksurface
      - $735.00   
#A-3909902 4’ Epoxy Worksurface
      - $905.00   
#A-3707900 2’ Unit Replacement Filter
      - $390.00   
#A-3707901 3’ Unit Replacement Filter
      - $610.00   
#A-3707902 4’ Unit Replacement Filter
      - $675.00