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Cocaine Tests


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The XCAT handheld detection system features automated, one-step detection of narcotics, homemade and high explosives, and gunshot residue. Use the XCAT for sampling suspicious drugs and other substances on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces.  > More
#A-XCAT-1 XCAT Base Unit, includes AC Adapter and 1 Year Warranty
      (does not include testing cartridges) - $2,100.00   
#A-XCATPC Pelican Case to hold XCAT, AC Charge, Car Charger and 2 boxes of testing cards
      - $260.00   
#A-XCATCC Car Charger for Base Unit
      - $110.00   
#A-AMP-500 Resupply Kit - Amphetamines Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $25.00   
#A-COC-210 Resupply Kit - Cocaine Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $25.00   
#A-HER-110 Resupply Kit - Heroin Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $25.00   
#A-GSR-600 Resupply Kit - Gunshot Residue Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $50.00   
#A-NTR-300 Resupply Kit - Nitramines & Nitrates Explosives Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $39.50   
#A-NTA-400 Resupply Kit - Nitroaromatics Explosive Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $39.50