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UV & Long Wave Lamps


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Compact, Hand-Held 4-Watt Lamp. Use It Anywhere. Ideal for document inspection, counterfeit currency detection and antique collectible examination. Pocket-sized design. Measures only 64 x 2 x 1” (15.9 x 5.1 x 2.5 cm) Lightweight and portable. Weighs only 7 oz (198g). Powered by four AA (1.5 volt) alkaline batteries (not included). Provides 4 to 6 hours of use. Features anti-slip, plastic screw for trouble-free tube changing. Sliding cover ensures easy battery replacement. Comes with handy nylon wrist strap. 365 nm wavelength. > More
#A-6985 - Price: $39.95   

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Quickly verify documents/currency. Portable, hand-held UV lamps allow you to quickly verify documents, detect fake IDs and spot counterfeit currency. Choice of 4, 5, 6 and 8-watt models. Available in single-wavelength (UV-A or UV-C) or dualwavelength designs, including white light. Short wave UV-C lamps are ideal for RUVIS. Integrally filtered tubes for external filter assemblies. Durable, silver-anodized aluminum housings. Convenient carrying handles. > More
#A-EN240C 254 and 365nm - 4 Watt Tube w/ Filter Assembly
      - $308.50   
#A-EN260C 254 and 365nm - 6 Watt Tube w/ Filter Assembly
      - $308.05   
#A-EN280C 254 and 365nm - 8 Watt Tube w/ Filter Assembly
      - $372.70   
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