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Synthetic Blood


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When conducting experiments using blood search (luminol) or blood confirmation testing (Kastle-Meyer), synthetic blood can be used as a clean non-hazardous alternative to actual human or animal blood. Formulated with ingredients to mimic human blood, its reactions are similar to actual blood and therefore yield authentic results. > More
#A-1219B - Size: 8oz - Price: $24.25   

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For the purposes of teaching blood spatter pattern documentation and analysis without the hazards of human or animal blood, spatter blood was developed to have the same physical characteristics as human blood, such as viscosity, surface tension and color. Utilize this blood when creating spatter patterns for mock crime scenes or detailed teaching tools for > More
#A-12201 - Size: 8oz - Price: $32.35   

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The kit is ideal for investigators in the field who need a comprehensive adaptable measuring kit to assist in documenting blood spatter on site. Packaged in a small, durable case for easy transport. > More
#A-6617 - Price: $143.50   
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