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Snow Impressions


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Snow Impression Wax facilitates casting from prints in snow. Impression evidence found in snow or ice presents a unique set of difficulties for recovery. Due to the fact that most gypsum-based casting materials generate heat during the curing process, it is necessary to provide an insulating medium. Spray Snow Impression Wax into the impression to prepare the surface for casting. This locks the impression detail to avoid melting when the casting medium is applied. It is supplied in a 15 oz. (425g) aerosol can.  > More
#A-5010 - Size: 15 oz - Price: $20.70   

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Snow Print Powder is designed to provide contrast for capturing the details of shoe and tire track impressions in cold frozen or partially melted snow coverage. The slightly transparent impression in snow will not sufficiently reflect the light from the camera flash to adequately show detail. Snow Print Powder will help visualize the mark and provide surface contrast for the proper taking of record photographs. Snow Print Powder is applied to the track with a soft fiberglass brush. A light dusting is all that is needed to apply this special formulation of powder to the mark. > More
#A-5014 - Size: 250 mL - Price: $26.20   

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SnowStone is a specialized casting material for use in fragile snow impressions. The dry powder is initially sifted over the snow impression to form a base layer. The remaining powder is mixed quickly with water and immediately applied to the impression. Includes three 1 lb. bags > More
#A-5034 - Size: 3) 1.75lb Bags - Price: $45.00