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A long-time favorite of latent print examiners is back by popular demand! This virtually indestructible ridge counter features a reversible point that stows neatly inside of the body when not in use. > More
#A-2707 - Price: $14.00   

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These are identification tools for the field investigator and laboratory technician—a unique selection. For convenience and assistance in gathering and identifying physical evidence, these timesaving, laborsaving tools are a necessary part of the evidence collection and identification mission. > More
#A-2708 - Size: 7 1/4” - Price: $14.75   

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These blades are industrial grade. Single-edge blades are 0.23mm (0.009”) thick and feature an extra-keen edge. Blades are available with aluminum spines. > More
#A-9399 - Size: GEM Single-Edge Blades, Aluminum Spine (100) - Price: $35.00   
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