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Portable Exhausters


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The FilterMate Portable Exhauster, an accessory for the XVS Ductless Workstation, uses a HEPA filter, carbon filter, or combination of both to remove hazardous powders, particulates, vapors, or noxious odors from the exhaust air stream, returning filtered air to the environment. All models feature a compact corrosion resistant housing epoxy coated with rubber feet. Variable speed control with nonsparking motorized impeller. Rear mounted auxiliary electrical outlet that may be connected to an airflow monitor, a light kit, or other user supplied accessories. Inherently safe design the FilterMate features an extremely quiet operation and noise pressure. Each FilterMate provides up to 100 FPM face velocity. All models conform to UL 3101-1/61010-1 regulations and standards. Each FilterMate is supplied with 8 of flex exhaust hose, and an upper exhaust transition adapter. > More
#A-8005 HEPA Filter
      - $3,650.00   
#A-8006 Carbon Filter
      - $3,085.00   
#A-8007 HEPA/Carbon Filter
      - $3,900.00   
#A-8008 Replacement Organic Carbon Filter
      - $276.00   
#A-8009 Replacement HEPA Filter
      - $470.00   
#A-8010 Upper Exhaust Transition Adapter 6
      - $117.00   
#A-8011 Lower Exhaust Transition Adapter 6
      - $117.00   
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