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Laboratory Workstations & Accessories


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Designed to provide a safe and effective work area for agents that require Biosafety level containment. The Purifier Biological Safety workstation features a vertical rising sash that can be completely closed while not in use, eye level information center (including filter and airflow status), factory installed UV lamp, and a three year warranty on parts and service. These workstations are available with 8 or 10 sash openings and have a nominal inflow velocity of 105 per minute. Venting kits and exhaust fans available upon request. Base units sold separately. > More
#A-8028 3 BSC with 10 Sash
      - $8,430.00   
#A-8029 3 BSC with 8 Sash
      - $8,430.00   
#A-8030 4 BSC with 10 Sash
      - $9,575.00   
#A-8031 4 BSC with 8 Sash
      - $9,575.00   
#A-8032 5 BSC with 10 Sash
      - $11,135.00   
#A-8033 5 BSC with 8 Sash
      - $11,485.00   
#A-8034 6 BSC with 10 Sash
      - $12,045.00   
#A-8035 6 BSC with 8 Sash
      - $12,045.00   
#A-8036 3 Base Unit
      - $695.00   
#A-8037 4 Base Unit
      - $730.00   
#A-8038 5 Base Unit
      - $795.00   
#A-8039 6 Base Unit
      - $770.00   

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#A-8021 Guardian 1000 Digital Airflow Monitor
      - $2,340.00   
#A-8022 Fluorescent Light Kit,115V
      - $720.00   

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The one-piece work surface is molded from a special formulation of epoxy resins that is resistant to chemicals. It is dished and contoured to conform to the interior liner of the XVS Workstation to contain spills. The 5 and 6 work surfaces are stainless steel. > More
#A-8023 3 Work Surface
      36W x 26.66D x 1H - $675.00   
#A-8024 4 Work Surface
      48W x 26.66D x 1H - $830.00   
#A-8025 5 Work Surface
      60W x 29D x 1H - $1,660.00   
#A-8026 6 Work Surface
      72W x 29D x 1H - $1,840.00   

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Protector Downdraft Powder Stations keep users safe by containing powders during fingerprint processing. The opensided, open-top work station provides unrestricted operator movement and accommodates oversized evidence. Available in 2 and 3 widths, two or more Stations may be placed side-by-side to achieve an unlimited number of width combinations.An optional Transition Connector mounts between two Stations for a secure fit and continuous work surface.

• Open-sided, open-top design
 > More

#A-3410000 Protector Downdraft Powder Stations 2'
      115V, 1amp - $2,625.00   
#A-3410001 Protector Downdraft Powder Station 3'
      3',115V, 1amp - $3,195.00   
#A-3819100 4' Mobile Table
      48" x 30" - $1,425.00   
#A-3819101 5' Mobile Table
      60" x 30" - $1,540.00   
#A-3819102 6' Mobile Table
      72" x 30" - $1,705.00   
#A-3768903 Replacement Prefilter
      - $40.50   
#A-3413300 Transition Connector
      - $45.00   
#A-8075000 Variable Height Bench
      Working Surface: 38" x 28", Height: 29.6"-37.4" - $1,445.00   
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