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Evidence Tubing


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This 4mil tubing allows you to easily custom-make poly bags to any size. This product requires an impulse heat sealer. > More
#A-1101 Poly Evidence Tubing
      6 x 1050 - $89.00   
#A-1102 Poly Evidence Tubing
      12 x 1050 - $123.50   

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4.5 and 2.5 Mil tubular, clear polyester film in a convenient carton dispenser. Film: Clear Polyester > More
#A-TRS951253 Kapak Tubular Rollstock
      9.5" x 125' (4.5 mil) - $365.99   
#A-TRS161254 Kapak Tubular Rollstock
      16" x 125' (4.5 mil) - $508.99   
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