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Post Mortem Sheet & Bags


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This heavy duty light blue, fluid resistant flat sheet is ideal for collecton of trace evidence and large enough to wrap around the body. > More
#A-7103 - Size: 84” x 60” (5 Sheets) - Price: $22.25   

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These 8ml, white, post mortem bags, feature a 450lb weight capacity and conform to OSHA’s Universal Precautions regarding containment of body fluids and protection from blood-borne pathogens. All bags feature a curved zipper for ease of use, 3 ID tags, individually wrapped. > More
#A-6521 Post Mortem Bag
      36” x 90” (10 Bags) - $128.30   
#A-6522 Post Mortem Bag
      48” x 90” (10 Bags) - $135.60   

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This single use transport emergency blanket keeps individuals warm and dry while awaiting emergency personnel. Inexpensive yet strong, this emergency blanket is designed to protect individuals from rain, snow, wind and other elements. > More
#A-7104 - Size: 54” x 80” (Case of 25) - Price: $140.50   
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