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Cocaine Tests


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NIK’s Cocaine ID Swabs are surface residue identification wipes offering major advantages in narcotics investigation cases. Packaged in individual foil envelopes, the 1” x 1.5” swabs are easy to carry in a pocket. When wiped across a surface on which there is good reason to suspect the presence of Cocaine, these NIK® Substance ID Swabs turn color. Test results are immediate. These swabs are sensitive to trace amounts of residue, far less than could be collected for regular field testing. This may be sufficient cause for further investigation. Unlimited shelf life assures these swabs will provide accurate, reliable results, when and where you need them. > More
#A-800-6501 (50 Swabs) - Price: $44.00   

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The XCAT handheld detection system features automated, one-step detection of narcotics, homemade and high explosives, and gunshot residue. Use the XCAT for sampling suspicious drugs and other substances on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces.  > More
#A-XCAT-1 XCAT Base Unit, includes AC Adapter and 1 Year Warranty
      (does not include testing cartridges) - $2,100.00   
#A-XCATPC Pelican Case to hold XCAT, AC Charge, Car Charger and 2 boxes of testing cards
      - $260.00   
#A-XCATCC Car Charger for Base Unit
      - $110.00   
#A-AMP-500 Resupply Kit - Amphetamines Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $25.00   
#A-COC-210 Resupply Kit - Cocaine Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $25.00   
#A-HER-110 Resupply Kit - Heroin Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $25.00   
#A-GSR-600 Resupply Kit - Gunshot Residue Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $50.00   
#A-NTR-300 Resupply Kit - Nitramines & Nitrates Explosives Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $39.50   
#A-NTA-400 Resupply Kit - Nitroaromatics Explosive Detection
      (10 Sampling Cards) - $39.50