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Fingerprint Stations


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These portable fingerprint stations are fully assembled and ready to use. Each contains a mounted Perfect Ink pad. Each pad has the capacity to complete approximately 800 ten-print cards and is easily replaceable. > More
#A-PI-39TL Dual with Legs
      - $235.00   
#A-PI-39T Dual with Rubber Feet
      - $178.00   
#A-PI-39L Single with Legs
      - $185.25   
#A-PI-39 Single with Rubber Feet
      - $111.25   

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The PrintMatic™ Fingerprint Stations may be placed on any desk or table to achieve regulation height for rolling and recording fingerprints. Available with two card holders. Each unit comes with a Porelon fingerprint pad. A built-in shelf on each unit is handy for storing supplies. Comes with wall mount brackets. > More
#A-2557S - Price: $255.55   

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This steel frame ink roller is equipped with a comfortable, unbreakable, tapered plastic handle for ergonomic comfort and control. The frame design prevents the roller from touching the inking table when not in use. A high-density, medium-soft rubber roller element withstands repeated cleaning with harsh solvents. The roller is easy to disassemble when replacement parts are required. > More
#A-2587 - Price: $28.50   
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