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Biohazard Kits


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This personal protection kit contains items needed for extra protection at a crime scene.

Each Kit Contains:
1 TyvekŪ suit w/ hood & boots
1 Pair of 13 mil gloves
1 Eye shield respirator
2 Anti-microbial towelettes
1 Biohazard bag - 10 Gallon
1 Pair TyvekŪ shoe covers > More
#A-4500 Basic Kit
      XL - $21.80   
#A-4502 Basic Kit
      XXL - $21.80   
#A-4503 Basic Kit
      XXXL - $23.25   
#A-4504 Basic Kit
      XXXXL - $26.50   

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Overdose deaths have surged as drugs such as heroin, cocaine and counterfeit prescription pills are now commonly laced with fentanyl to increase potency. A speck the size of a few grains of salt can potentially kill a 250-pound (113-kilogram) man.1The HazGuard Protective Kit offers ideal protection against a variety of non-hazardous aerosols, liquids and dry particles. The suit's breathable material allows for longer wear times during raids/ busts and added comfort. > More
#A-4508HM HazGuard Protective Kit
      M - $18.90   
#A-4508HL HazGuard Protective Kit
      L - $18.90   
#A-4508HXL HazGuard Protective Kit
      XL - $18.90   
#A-4508H2X HazGuard Protective Kit
      XXL - $19.90   
#A-4508H3X HazGuard Protective Kit
      3XL - $21.00   
#A-4508H4X HazGuard Protective Kit
      4XL - $21.00   
#A-4508H5X HazGuard Protective Kit
      5XL - $21.00   

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Limit hazards with this biohazard response, and evidence packaging kit. Reduce danger with biohazard cleaners, bags, and containers. Packaged in a bright orange case, this kits has the essential items needed for personal protection, evidence marking and scene security. > More
#A-4500-KIT - Price: $125.00   
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