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NIK® Presumptive Drug Test Pouch

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Nik® Presumptive Drug Test Pouches contain pre-measured chemical ampoules in heavy duty plastic pouches that eliminate the need for measuring, mixing, and dispensing of reagents. Just place a small sample of of the presumed drug in the pouch, break the ampoules and watch for the color change. A positive color indicator on the pouch will help interpret the reaction. Each kit includes 10 tests except, -800-6090 which contains 5 tests.

Presumptive Drug Testing for Bath Salts:
In order to prevent cross confusion regarding similar results for other drugs, it is recommended that all three tests (A, G, U) be used when testing for Bath Salts: NIK Test A (Marquis Reagent): Results are a bright yellow color
NIK Test G (Scott Reagent): Results are blue color after breaking the first ampoule. Theis reaction in consistent with the results of Cocaine, Lidocaine, Methadone and Ketamine, so care should be taken when presumptively identifying this drug with this test only. The second and third ampoules are not necessary when testing for Bath Salts.
NIK Test U: Results are a dark blue or purble color. This test will produce results with all forms of Bath Salts. this test also produces the same results for methamphetamines and Ecstasy.

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SDS Information
Chemical/Common Name: Find All NIK SDS Info Here
PDF Files: Scroll Down To NIK

#A-800-6071 A Primary General Screening
      (10 Tests) - $18.00   
#A-800-6072 B Secondary Screening
      (10 Tests) - $20.00   
#A-800-6073 C Barbiturates
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6074 D LSD
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6075 E Marijuana
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6076 F Acid Neutralizer
      (10 Tests) - $16.50   
#A-800-6077 G Cocaine, Crack/Free Base
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6078 H Methadone
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6089 I PMA, Ketamine, Barbiturates, Methadone
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6079 J PCP
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6080 K Opiates
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6081 L Brown Heroin MDMA Ecstacy
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6082 M Methaqualone
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6083 N Pentazocaine
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6090 O GHB
      (5 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6084 P Propoxyphene
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6085 Q Ephedrine
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6086 R Diazepam
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6091 T Ketamine
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6087 U Methamphetamine
      (10 Tests) - $25.50   
#A-800-6088 W Amphetamines and Methadone
      (10 Tests) - $25.50