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Arrowhead Stat-Lift™

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As seen in the Journal of Forensic Identification
Validation of Vinyl Static Cling Film for the Collection and Preservation of Dust Impressions, 61 (4), 2011 \ 317

The Stat-Lift™ is a revolutionary, cost effective way to recover, transport and preserve impressions. Traditional methods for collecting dust impressions (electrostatic dust lifters and gel lifters) can be expensive and in certain conditions yield undesirable results. The Stat-Lift™ works great in all temperature conditions and holds detail when properly stored. The Stat-Lift’s™ natural state properties do not require any additional charge. Stat-Lift™ photographs well because has a matte-like finish which reduces the amount of specular highlights. It can be packaged and preserved using simple storage methods (we recommend the A-5031-F Manilla Lift Folders). Request your free sample today and make the right impression.

"For those of you looking for a great product these are wonderful. I personally tested these stat-lifts and highly recommend them as another great tool in the crime scene tool box."
- Dwane S. Hilderbrand, M.Ed | Forensic ITC Services | IAI Committee of Footwear and Tire Track Examination


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#A-5031K Arrowhead Stat-Lift™ Kit
      (5 Stat-Lifts, 5 Manilla Folders, 1 L-Reference Scale, 1 Magnetic Angle Finder, 1 Storage Container) - $37.85   
#A-5031-10 Arrowhead Stat-Lift™ 10 pack
      9" x 14" (10 Stat-Lifts) - $17.50   
#A-5031-100 Arrowhead Stat-Lift™ 100 Pack
      9" x 14" (100 Stat-Lifts) - $119.70   
#A-5031-50 Arrowhead Stat-Lift™ 50 Pack
      9" x 14" (50 Stat-Lifts) - $64.35   
#A-5031-F Arrowhead Stat-Lift™ Storage Folder
      8.5" x 14" (100) - $28.10   
#A-5008 Arrowhead Stat-Lift™ Impression Box
      19” x 12” x 3” - $3.75